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      March, 22 2019 - Michelle
Certified Review
Great first time experience!!!!! Definitely will be back!
Services received :
  • S/Process W/B Dry with Tyler
  • Few Foils with Tyler
      March, 13 2019 - Stephanie
Certified Review
Had a relaxing and refreshing experience today. Feeling renewed after my appointment with Tyler. Looking forward to my next color appointment.
I don’t visit often enough.
Services received :
  • Haircut & Style with Tyler
  • Color Refresher/Glaze (Demi Permenant, not for Grey Coverage)(upgrade) with Tyler
      December, 25 2017 - Lisa
Certified Review
I will not return to have hair done and will not recommend.
Services received :
  • Gel/Manicure with Jessica
  • Haircut & Style with Nichole
  • Polish Change Toes with Jessica
      November, 04 2016 - Darcy
Certified Review
My whole visit was fantastic from the start. Katrina understood what I wanted and gave me just that! Best hair cut I've ever gotten! Normally I'm nervous about cutting my hair in general but she made the experience quick and easy! She nailed everything I asked for! Everything was great, I left with my next appointment!
Services received :
  • S/Process/Cut with Katrina
      October, 27 2016 - Leonor
Certified Review
I am very sorry but, I have just gotten an information that I must take my husband to a medical appointment, and since I'm travelling this Saturday I won't be able to attend in one month, at least. I will call you again as soon as I can go see you.
Services received :
  • Haircut & Style with Alycia
      May, 09 2016 - Hannah
So clean and refreshing going there!! Everyone is so nice and heartwarming which makes every experience so amazing!!
      March, 01 2016 - Kathy
Certified Review
I thought I had finally found "THE PLACE" to have my hair done. I was a regular client. That is until they had a student come over to do my color without checking with me to see if it was ok first. We all need to learn at some point but I was absolutely insulted by the fact that I was expected to pay a nearly $200 bill for a professional hair color only to be pawned off on someone just learning. Shouldn't that warrant a lower price? Shouldn't I be asked first if it would be ok? If I wanted a student to work on my hair I would go to one of the many schools that offer student services at a small fraction of the price. Orange Salon is a gorgeous high end salon. If only they would realize their clients are paying high end prices for high end service. I've never gone back since.
Services received :
  • S/Process/Cut with Nichole
  • Few Foils with Nichole
      February, 13 2016 - Maureen
Certified Review
I wish Elyse the very best and much happiness ithroughout her future. She is a great person and hairdresser, so bubbly and personable. Elyse, you will do well everywhere, but I wish that we could keep you here.
Services received :
  • S/Process W/B Dry with Elyse
      November, 25 2015 - Dominique
Certified Review
Rachael is my colorist abd stylist. She is extremely good, knowledgeable, and nice!
Services received :
  • S/Process/Cut with Rachael
      October, 18 2015 - Joanna
Certified Review
I came in yesterday and had my hair done by Lilly.She was very friendly and my hair looked AMAZING!! She did it exactly how I wanted and it looks beautiful! I will definitely be back to see her!
The only negative I have to say about Orange is the pricing. Definitely a little higher than most places but I liked my hair so much I will return anyways.
Services received :
  • Partial Foil, Base & Blow Dry with Lilly

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